Founding Priciples

Frequently Asked Questions


A. Cempanel Fiber Cement Siding by James Hardie

1. Impact resistant
2. Non-Combustible - Will not bum
3. Impervious to the ravages of termites
4. Won't swell or warp
5. Exceptional paint retention - Paint less often
6. Won't rot no matter how damp the climate
7. 25 year transferable warranty

B. Backer Board wrap around home

1. Adds to the strength of the walls
2. Adds energy efficiency to the home

C. House wrap around home

1. Keeps moisture from penetrating home
2. Adds to energy efficiency by cutting down on wind infiltration

D. Roof rafters

1. Truss type - Stronger
2. 301b. Per square foot (24 inch on center)
3. Up to 801b. available

E. Roof decking

1. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) on composition shingled roofs
2. It is the best decking available
3. Superior strength and durability

F. Fiberglass shingles

1. Classic / 20 year warranty
2. Seals window in place

I. Frame

1. Made at factory for better quality control and custom fit
2. American made steel
3. 10" I-beam for added strength
4. U - Channel iron to connect I-beam
5. Numerous full-sized outriggers
6. 96" spread on I-beam for more sidewall support
7. Camber to prevent rear end drop
8. Frame painted with oil based paint to protect it from the elements

J. Removable hitch

1. Easy to take off and put back on

K. Insulation

1. R-ll (3 Vi inches) Floor-Fiberglass
2. R-ll (3 Vi inches) Walls - Fiberglass
3. R-22 (7 inches) Ceiling - Fiberglass
4. Saves on utility bills

L. Heat ducts

1. Fiberglass

A. Won't expand or contract
B. Won't sweat - less condensation and moisture
C. Quieter

M. RV type insulated rear door

1. Screen to keep out bugs and let in fresh air
2. Dead bolt lock for added safety

N. Insulated patio door with grids

1. Helps to lower utility bills
2. Doors remove if you need to bring in something wide
3. Grids add to exterior look


A. 7 1/2 Foot sidewall height

1. More open, larger feeling
2. More room below ceiling fans

B. Tape and Textured sheetrock walls and ceiling

1. Thicker for added strength
2. Better sound barrier
3. You can easily wallpaper over it
4. You can change the look by painting

C. Rocker arm light switches

1. Easy to operate
2. Silent
3. Residential look

D. Floor joists

1. 2x6 grade 2 or better lumber
2. All studs on 16-inch centers
3. Joists are run the full width of the home rather then lengthwise for added strength

E. Plywood Floor decking

1. 19/32" Thick
2. 4 x 8 Sheets staggered for extra strength
3. Tongue and grooved for smooth floor

F. Designer valances and 2" blinds throughout

1. Valances are colorful and add to the beauty of your home
2. 2" blinds help control the temperature of your home
3. Protects your carpet from fading

G. Carpet

1. Dupont Teflon coated nylon carpet easy to care for / longer lasting
2. Resists soil and stains
3. Protected from spills for longer lasting - better wear
4. All carpet laid with tack strip - easy to pull up or replace

H. Shut off Valves at sinks and toilet

1. Allows you to turn off the water in case of an emergency
2. Gives you piece of mind

I. Phone and TV jacks (2 each)

1. Conveniently located
2. You don't have to hire someone to install them
3. Run to one area underneath home for easy connection


A. Premium Sovereign floor tile

1. Cushioned for more comfort
2. No wax for easy cleaning
3. Low sheen to minimize traffic wear
4. Durable long lasting
5. Can be replaced easily if one is damaged

B. Wilson Art brand counter top laminate

1. Low sheen finish minimizes scratches
2. Heat resistant
3. Variety of colors to choose from

C. Acrylic kitchen sink

1. Attractive looking
2. Easy to clean
3. Resists stains

D. Hidden cabinet door hinges

1. Clean, residential look
2. Easy to operate
3. Long lasting

E. GFCI (Ground fault circuit interrupter) breakers located within 6'
of wet area for safety.

F. Large kitchen window for additional airflow and added visibility.

G.50 AMP Electrical Service with pigtail in an 100 AMP box for extra room if needed

H.Toe kick at bottom of cabinet allows you to get closer to work area

I. GE appliances

1. Trusted brand name
2. Years of experience with dependable service nationwide
3. Optional upgrade appliance package

J. 6.4 Foot standard refrigerator

1. Frost free for less ice build-up and easy care
2. Removable epoxy coated wire shelving for easy cleanup and more durability
3. Crisper - protects meat and vegetables from dehydrating
4. Ice maker ready - allows customer to upgrade to an icemaker (must add opt. plumbing)
5. Large size - full 16 cubic feet of space
6. Rear rollers for easy set-up, moving and cleaning
7. Interchangeable handles can be easily switched from side to side

K. Dual metal drawer guides

1. Drawers open and close more smoothly
2. Less wear and tear on drawers
3. Stronger, drawers last longer

L. Flip down sink trays

1. Extra storage where most competitors have nothing


A. 48" One piece walk-in shower

1. 2 seats for comfort
2. One piece for easy cleaning
3. Glass shower door for easy access

B. Large medicine cabinet

1. Lots of storage space

C. Linen cabinet

1. Storage space for towels and other items

D. Towel bar and tissue holder

1. Shipped loose so retailer can install where you want them
2. Attractive

E. China lavatory sink

1. Longer lasting than plastic
2. Attractive
3. Easy to clean

F. Metal Faucets

1. Attractive
2. Lasts longer than plastic
3. Parts can be purchased at a hardware store

RPTIA Sticker

A. You know your home is built to the ANSI Al 15 Code

B. Factory has been inspected by a third party


A. Mirrored closet doors with drawers built in underneath

1. Make bedroom look bigger
2. Solid, easy rolling
3. Drawers for extra storage

B. Night stands

1. Conveniently located
2. Extra storage

C. Dual reading lights

1. Separate switch so each person controls there own light

D. Built in chest of drawers

2. Deep drawers for lots of storage space